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Links on profile [Jun. 21st, 2015|02:49 pm]
FanFiction.Net Rants

Hey guys!
Did you notice that links on profiles don't work anymore? They appear both on the editor and on the page but, they always redirect to the author's profile. When you look at the HTML, the href is empty. It's been several days.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2015|10:33 am]
FanFiction.Net Rants

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When's the last time anybody actually got a reply to a support e-mail?
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Time out/connection problems? [Mar. 1st, 2015|02:47 pm]
FanFiction.Net Rants

I am trying to post a fic, and have been trying since yesterday. I succeeded in posting the first chapter, but the story lost the information about characters, and the cover image. I added those again, but the characters did not stick, disappearing from the story again.

I decided to fight that at a later time and uploaded another three chapters. By then I could not upload anything further, and fanfiction.net insisted my story did not exist.

Later it did show up, and I could add the characters, which stayed this time, but I could not add more chapters. Today I succeeded in getting one chapter added, but now it times out.

What is going on? Anyone else experiencing this?
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Html/source code option gone from editor? [Dec. 22nd, 2014|11:21 pm]
FanFiction.Net Rants

I use the html/source code editor option quite extensively in ffnet's editor, and today I can no longer find the option! It looks like there is a new editor or at least a new version, and that they have removed that option for the story editor. Only for the story editor, because it is still there for the profile editor.

Is it a setting somewhere? Which editor to use, I mean. Or am I the only one seeing this? Any way to get the souce code option back?

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Loading times. [Oct. 1st, 2014|10:05 pm]
FanFiction.Net Rants

For the past week or so, the whole site has been loading ridiculously slow, or even not managing to fully load pages at all and getting stuck like that.

Every other site loads fine so I ruled out an issue with my own connection, but it could still be something related to my provider so I'll ask: anybody else having this issue?
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I am the only one who can't see fanfiction.net images? [Sep. 7th, 2014|11:04 am]
FanFiction.Net Rants

Hello. I was wondering if I'm the only one who can't see the story cover images and profile images at fanfiction.net. It's been around 2 or 3 days since the images aren't showing up so I decided to post this to see if I'm the only one with that problem.

Feel free to delete this if it shouldn't be here.

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Can't post new stories [Aug. 13th, 2014|12:52 pm]
FanFiction.Net Rants

For several weeks now, I have been unable to post new stories.

I go: Publish -> New Story -> select category -> continue

and then I am on a blank page! Nothing! It just doesn't render! I have agreed to the rules and such, so it's not that. It just doesn't give me a page where I can enter title, summary, upload fic, etc.

Anyone else have this problem? I've cleared cache, tried Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE. Tried Linux and Windows.

I've emailed support on ffnet twice, but I got no response. I'm not expecting one.

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Good ol' "FF.net won't load" bullshit [Jul. 4th, 2014|01:34 am]
FanFiction.Net Rants

Feliez X Felice
I'm sure everybody is already familiar with this problem, thing is I had tried every trick in the book (like clearing all the history, cache and cookies) but it still didn't solve the problem! So, heck I thought perhaps the site was down but I checked with this IsItUpstuff website, turned out FF was up, so I waited until the next morning and . . . it still won't load! Worse! Internet thought I was lost and stated that a thing such as FF.net doesn't exist. So hell, I started to open FF.net on my iphone, it's ok for a few weeks, but then! WHAM! I couldn't access it from my phone either! Does FF.net have something against me whatsoever? Does any of you ever experience this? Help please, I'm dying to read updates, I cannot imagine not being able to read fanfic for . . . ever T_T

I really appreciate it if you would share you opinion guys
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Is it just me ... [Jun. 22nd, 2014|09:59 am]
FanFiction.Net Rants

[Current Mood |annoyed]

... or has anybody else not been receiving author/story alerts? After checking my mails, I've seen that the last update alert reached me on June 13 (I was busy and rather distracted, or I'd've noticed earlier); that's quite a bit of time, right?

Already sent a message to support, but who knows how long it'll take them ...
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Story Removal [May. 26th, 2014|09:05 pm]
FanFiction.Net Rants

Two of my stories have been reported and removed by the site, and I've received an email requesting that I delete anything and everything that violates the site guidelines. I've done that already (though I'm unsure whether this one story with references to watching porn -- nothing explicit whatsoever --, some violence, and swearing would be considered safe) but the part I'm really asking for is: What do I do now? Do I just wait until the site passes judgement, or is there something else I have to do first?
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